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After 30+ years of teaching singing, I was burned-out, felt stale and exhausted….then came  CoreSinging and, suddenly, it’s such a blast again! Up here, in our tiny little Colorado mountain community far away from the main-stream, I now have 15 students (some private, some are group classes) and everyone is having a terrific time singing….and I’m smiling, feeling so creative and inspired as their “teacher.”  Thank you, Meribeth, for transforming my life in “vocal performance pedagogy.

Elizabeth Blades

Teacher/Author, Virginia

“Meribeth is the most innovative professional in the voice performance world today. Her overwhelming knowledge of the performer’s voice as well as her versatility as a coach have consistently brought every level of singer to unimagined heights. Meribeth’s insightful, holistic, and truly progressive approach to singing demands to take the 21st century by storm.” 

Sarah Wigley-Johnson

Associate Professor, University of Illinois

“CoreSinging® has made me a better performer. As a singing teacher it is so easy to get stuck in my head: THINKING about technique, vowels, consonants, breath, intercostals, subglottal pressure, space, resonance, diction etc etc etc. It is even easier to be DISTRACTED by mind chatter: self-doubts, to-do list, I should have…, I ought to…. blah blah blah. By focusing on CoreSinging™ ideas and intent in practice and performance I am more grounded in the moment, aware of (but not distracted by) my environment, CONNECTED to my body, my breath, the choir, the orchestra, the room, the building,..and quite possibly the universe. It’s a wonderful liberating feeling. I love to sing!”

Cynthia Vaughan

Director/Owner and Teacher, Magnolia Music Studio, Colorado

This workshop is a true gift to any singer, teacher of singing, or person in search of finding their CORE singing voice! There have been so many personal benefits I have received from CoreSinging…the most helpful has been the overall permission CoreSinging® gives the singer to trust the voice within. More specifically, the exercises used in CoreSinging® have helped me explore untapped sounds with a newfound mental and vocal freedom never previously experienced. The abundance of exercises learned in the 5 day course have helped my students reach new heights of depth and honesty for the complete singer-actor. I have witnessed insecurities vanish and negative thought patterns turn around while a newfound aspect of play and ease has entered both my students’ lessons and my own practice sessions. Since CoreSinging, my ideas around the words “warm-up”, “practice”, and “perform” have shifted to a world of endless possibility there is no longer a need for the correlation of words such as “control”, “perfection”, and “precise”… All in all, the five days of CoreSinging® have been invaluable to me as an inspired teacher, performer, and balanced human being’. Sarah Wigley

Singer, Voice and Theatre Faculty, University of Northern Colorado and Parlando School for the Arts, USA

CoreSinging reminded me that there is a secret ingredient to speaking, singing and any kind of performing that cannot be learned through technique alone: it is energetic connection. A connection that can change a performance that is merely competent and professional into something magical, profound and life enhancing. If you want to discover a hundred different ways of accessing this powerful and essential ingredient for yourself, or for your students go to the CoreSinging workshop!” Sue Greenwood

Voice, Speech and Performance Coach, United Kingdom

“The effects on my singing have certainly been striking. I sang the difficult passages much better without once thinking of the technique; and I didn’t crack once on any of the notes, as I had done in some rehearsals. I had lovely feedback from friends in the cast about how confident and engaged I appeared on stage, and how consistent my singing was”. Peter Collins

Performer, Student, Oxford, UK

“A great combination of teaching and learning methods from an inspirational teacher of teachers…How often does anyone get the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people, in an amazing natural setting, and learn so much that is new? . This is a totally new approach to the art of singing – and to the teaching of that art”. Nicola Harrison

Pembroke College, Musical Theatre, Oxford, UK

“Core Singing brings a holistic, dynamic and creative learning and teaching approach to practitioners of the human voice, whether it be singing or speaking! It instils healthy vocal practice both mentally and physically, always encouraging honest communication from the heart. Both singers and speakers benefit tremendously from this practice.’ ‘Core Singing learning strategies and tools lend a student many transferable skills from which they can draw upon for life.” Danielle Meunier

Singer, Course Director and Head of Voice, Swansea Metropolitan University, UK

“The flood gates have opened! CoreSinging® has sparked off a torrent of new ideas, new exercises and new ways of teaching and learning. I’m stunned at how deep my appreciation for all voices can go. It’s just what the singing teaching world needs!” Sally Garazzo

Singing Naturally, UK

“Experiencing this workshop has been a gift beyond price and an honor I humbly and gratefully receive. Only my limitless heart and soul are big enough to spin the adoration and blessing I feel for these superlative healers, jesters, mothers, lovers, teachers. Each of these magnificent women has stepped up fearlessly willing to have her years of training in music lovingly re-adjusted and partly thrown out the window to the universe, and we have found not just more of our authentic voices, but our authentic selves. Through a few tears and a lot of laughter (Meribeth Dayme is an a-MA-zing ir-accordion player! We have gleefully welcomed revelation after revelation about how very easy it is to let the song sing us if only we get out of the way and let it. What I heard from each of these awe-inspiring voices was not just talent worthy of Broadway or the Met — and let me be clear, each one is — but it was that ineffable quality we so deeply long for in every day. I heard the reason we sing in the shower and the reason we go to see the Sistine Chapel. I heard magic. And now I get to live it”. Katy Peterson

Performer, Educator, Choral Director, US

“There is a huge volume of information out there, oftentimes conflicting, on the voice and singing. This makes it difficult to know what to extract, what to believe, what to invest in, focus on and what direction to take in the journey with the voice. Meribeth Dayme challenges much of the traditional thinking and presents us with a very clear and simple framework full of wisdom, humanity and a purity of intention that makes sense. I could never knowingly and confidently advocate something without having a good degree of certainty as to the value of its application. Having put into practice some of the tools and ideas of the course in my own performances and been a witness to the transformations it can engender in sound and shifts in energy in and around me, I am convinced of the huge benefits of CoreSinging® for any singer of any style”. Angela Higney

Jazz Singer, Switzerland

“At the start of the 21st Century, Meribeth Dayme taps into universal energy sources to create a new and holistic approach for all aspects of singing and performance, which is invaluable to beginners and professionals alike. CoreSinging® is a week full of creative energy, – we freed thought, rhythm, pitch, words and performance thro’ movement, Qi-Gong, the Chakras, body grids, improvisation, experimentation, also inner body and environmental awareness. I’ve found an application for every part of what I learned on the May course – and it was great fun from beginning to end”. Janice Thompson

JT Singing School and Performance Trust, UK

“…for anyone who is interested, Meribeth Dayme is a legend and amazingly inspiring in a quiet unfussy way. I recommend this if you are able to go.” Susan McCulloch

Singer, Teacher, Guildhall, UK

“Your gift to us is being passed on, with love! Ten students in the Summer Voice Intensive, and they all did a fabulous job at the concert–much more professional than at the beginning”. Nancy Harris

Singer, Teacher, Vocologist, US

“I’ve been getting some extraordinary results from my RNCM students this week by encouraging them to think in pretty similar ways to this. We’ve also been laughing a huge amount into the bargain. And nothing at all “out there” either – for them or me. Remarkable”. Stuart MacIntyre

Tutor, Royal Northern College of Music, UK

“I found this to be a very enjoyable, informative, mind-expanding and useful course. It offered the opportunity to think, to explore new ideas, to practise getting along with a new group of people. A level of trust was established remarkably quickly”. What a very diverse and interesting group.” Joan Busby

Singer, Lecturer in Singing, Napier Univ., Scotland

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